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Complicated Dental Procedures Performed by an OMS

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Evan
Complicated Dental Procedures Performed by an OMSMaxillofacial surgeons are trained to perform complex facial, neck, skull, and neck procedures. They correct abnormalities and diseases to restore function, appearance, and alignment. OMS surgery encompasses corrective, reconstructive, and cosmetic procedures of the oral, maxilla, facial, neck, and head areas. OMS procedures range from simple procedures to complex operations that involve intensive scrutiny and manipulation of the skull structure.

Complex OMS Procedures

Some complex procedures performed by an OMS surgeon include Oral cancer treatment, jaw surgery, emergency conditions like treatment of facial trauma, and complex cosmetic surgery. Jaw surgery, also called corrective jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery, involves the invasive correction of jaw abnormalities linked to development, structure, and air pathway conditions like TMJ and sleep apnea diseases and malocclusions. Jaw surgery helps improve the patient's dental and skeletal abnormalities like bite problems caused by asymmetry and male proportion of the skeletal bones. The surgeon makes incisions in the jaw bone in the oral cavity to access the jaw bone and correct it.

Oral pathology and cancer treatment in OMS involves the treatment of oral diseases and benign and malignant tumors, cysts tissue, and infection of the dental cavity. Surgeons remove these cysts and reconstruct the facial structure to achieve aesthetic and proper functionality. The dentist assesses the mouth during regular dental checkups to check for cancer signs. Treatment for this condition is better managed through prevention by visiting the dentist regularly, avoiding the use of tobacco, and limiting exposure to the sun.

Surgical cosmetic procedures involve the manipulation and reconstruction of hard and soft tissue reconstruction and require sedation to ease pain during surgery. Invasive cosmetic procedures aim to correct undesired contours of the skull structure to enhance one's appearance. An OMS surgeon treats emergency complications like trauma to the facial region. The surgeon first aims at clearing blocked pathways and stopping hemorrhaging. A broken and fractured bone is then repaired, and broken fragments and inflamed tissue are removed. Broken and chipped teeth are also extracted, and the site is prepared for a prosthetic.
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