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What are the signs, causes, and prevention of periodontitis

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Evan
What are the signs, causes, and prevention of periodontitisPeriodontitis is a severe form of gum disease. It is characterized as the dire inflammation of the gum tissue and the root of the teeth that spreads onto the jawbone. The destruction of the jawbone due to acute periodontitis leads to teeth loss. It is more likely in old age; however, it could affect anyone with bad oral hygiene.

Causes of periodontitis

The condition is caused by gingivitis. Gingivitis is the infection or disease of the gum tissue and surrounding area. Ineffective oral hygiene leads to the accumulation of plaque, calculus, and tartar, which encourage bacterial and mycotic buildup. Periodontitis is also caused by poor nutrition or underlying health problems like diabetes. Lifestyle habits like smoking and chewing tobacco have proven to be a top factor that causes the condition. Genetical defects also play a role in causing periodontal disease.

Signs and prevention of periodontitis

When you have periodontitis, your gums become inflamed, becoming red, swell and bleed. This bleeding may be noticed when brushing, flossing, or biting into hard foods. The gum swelling and soreness are usually persistent. One might also experience halitosis or bad breath or experience a metallic saliva taste in the mouth. Patients suffering from periodontitis suffer from gum recession which causes the teeth to lengthen. Lengthening teeth is worsened by brushing hard or using a toothbrush with stiff bristles. There is also the formation of sulcus, deep pockets between the gums and teeth.

These pockets are bacteria breeding sites caused by the gradual destruction of gum attachment by collagenases. The condition also results in the weakening of teeth which causes discomfort and later leads to falling off. Favorably, one can prevent periodontitis by practicing good oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing at least twice a day and visiting a dentist regularly for deep cleaning help get rid of plaque and bacteria. Lifestyle choices like quitting smoking and eating a nutrient-dense balanced diet help keep teeth and gums healthy.
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