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What is the difference between extraction and dent alveolar surgery

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Evan
What is the difference between extraction and dent alveolar surgeryProfession who conducts the process; a dent alveolar surgery is a process that is performed by maxillofacial surgeons and oral surgeons, while a general dentist performs tooth extraction. In dent alveolar, the surgery involves reshaping, removing hard and soft tissues, and adding tissue, while extraction means removing teeth because they are infected, impacted, or decayed.

Differences between dent alveolar and extraction

In dent alveolar surgery, the teeth to be removed are having seriously fractured or broken teeth, severe decay and has eaten up the gum line, and having wisdom teeth that are impacted. In contrast, in extraction, the reason for the removal of the teeth has crooked teeth, a toothache, and a less serious tooth decay. 

Time required for the process; in dentoalveolar for the procedure to take place the following are put into consideration; the general health of the patient, the curvature and length of the teeth`s root, the position of the tooth, the thickness of the bone which surrounds the teeth while in a simple extraction the only thing that is put into consideration is the position of the teeth. 

In the dentoalveolar, when the gum tissue covers the mouth, an incision is also needed if the bone covers the mouth part. The oral surgeon is required to remove the bone, and after that extraction happens, sutures also aid in the healing process. In contrast, no incision is required in simple extraction, so the wound is not covered in sutures; it exposes teeth to bacteria.

simple tooth extraction, no special techniques are required, and extraction can be done without incision. At the same time, in dent alveolar, there are special techniques required, high skills are required. Sedation might be applied to the teeth or anesthesia, which helps in numbness.

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