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Tobacco, pregnancy and oral health

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Dallas Oral Surgery Associates
Tobacco, pregnancy and oral healthSeveral factors can affect your dental health. Some can be in your control while others you cannot influence. However, most of the habits that lead to dental problems you have direct control over and can correct. When you come to our facility, you will talk to professionals who will educate you on various factors that can impact your dental health, and the ways you can improve your overall dental health.

How Does Tobacco Affect Your Oral Health

Nicotine-based products such as cigarettes can significantly deteriorate your oral health. The smoke and tar from cigarettes can stain your teeth, which will impact your chances of having a bright smile. Furthermore, the smoke can dry your mouth, which can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Tobacco is a major risk for developing mouth cancer, with smokers six times more likely to develop the disease. It is therefore crucial that you quit the habit if you are a smoker if you want to enjoy perfect health.

Pregnancy and Oral Health

Pregnant women are more likely to get gum or periodontal disease and tooth cavities. Due to the hormones that get produced during pregnancy, gums and teeth become affected resulting in poor oral health. Pregnant ladies are also at heightened risk of developing cavities due to factors such as high acidity levels in the oral cavity and sugary cravings.

Find Effective Treatment at Our Facility

Pregnant mothers need top-quality dental care since poor oral health can lead to birth complications. If you are newly pregnant, you can come to our facility for effective treatment to ensure that there are no complications. We can plan an effective treatment plan until you deliver. We have experienced and passionate dentists that will stop at nothing to ensure that you get the treatment and care you need for a healthy delivery.
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