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Is oral health connected to mental health?

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Evan
Is oral health connected to mental health?Several patients that come to our practice, always wonder how their oral health is important for their mental wellbeing. This question is also common in social media and online platforms, with many people being indifferent to what makes dental health that much more important for mental health. What many people do not understand is that dental health is central to not only mental health but also overall wellness. At our practice, we deliver dental care and treatment that will guarantee your all-around wellness.

Increased Confidence with Good Oral Health

The poor state of teeth can affect how you interact with people, and it can therefore impact your confidence. Your self-esteem will take a hit, as you will always be self-conscious about your appearance. You, therefore, need good oral health, to have a confident mindset that will enable you to socialize with people without feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

Poor Oral Health Can Cause Depression

Bad dental health such as stained and crooked teeth usually causes depression since patients are always anxious about talking or smiling in public. When you cannot smile in front of friends and family, you will have a mental burden, since you cannot socialize with people.

Dental Problems Can Cause you Emotional Distress

Some dental problems such as cavities and wisdom teeth can cause extreme pain and discomfort, and this can impact your mental state. You can be unable to eat, talk or even sleep, and this can significantly impact your mental state.

Call our dental practice for effective treatment to improve your dental health. We have some of the best dental specialists who can assist you to address your dental issues. If you require to improve your dental health, you can come to our office for effective treatment solutions that will help you achieve prime dental health.
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