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What Complications Can Wisdom Teeth Cause?

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Evan
What Complications Can Wisdom Teeth Cause?Your mouth is meant to accommodate 28 teeth. Therefore, by the time the wisdom teeth begin to erupt, the 28 slots have already been filled. This makes it difficult for the mouth to accommodate more teeth. Simply put, there is usually not adequate room in the mouth to allow for more teeth to grow correctly. When the mouth lacks enough space for the last set of molars to come in in the proper position, it can lead to serious problems.

Problems with Wisdom Teeth

Third molars tend to crowd the adjacent teeth if no sufficient space is available in the mouth. This leaves little to no space to allow proper brushing and flossing of the neighboring teeth. Due to improper oral care of each tooth, you may develop gum disease as well as cavities.

The presence of wisdom teeth may result in pain in your jaw as well as sinuses. This happens because these teeth try to push their way in. And because wisdom teeth mostly move sideways, they are likely to push against the adjacent teeth' roots, thus creating discomfort or damaging the neighboring teeth. Moreover, the third set of molars can push their way into crowded teeth, often undoing years of orthodontic treatment or misaligning your bite.

Leaving wisdom teeth in your mouth can result in a more difficult extraction process. These teeth are easier to extract and less painful if they are removed before the roots fully establish themselves in the jaw and the bones surrounding your teeth get extremely dense. Because teenagers are likely to heal quickly and encounter fewer complications, it is crucial that wisdom teeth removal is done sooner rather than later. Set up a consultation appointment for your teenager in order for us to take x-rays and do an evolution so that we have them begin their wisdom teeth extraction journey.

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