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We Do Not Always Have to Extract Teeth with Significant Amounts of Decay

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Dallas Oral Surgery Associates
We Do Not Always Have to Extract Teeth with Significant Amounts of DecayIn the endodontic field, we often see teeth that have decayed to a significant degree. However, instead of extracting them, we can often perform root canal surgery even if the tooth has become abscessed and infected.

How We Save Badly Decayed Teeth

If a tooth is badly decayed and develops an abscess, we will drain the abscess and remove the infected pulp. To save the tooth, we will perform a root canal. Not only will we remove the pulp during the procedure, but we will also clean the tooth's root canals and seal and protect the tooth from further decay. After the procedure, a crown is often placed at the site to protect the remaining tooth. Therefore, even teeth with deep decay can be saved and preserved and protected from further decay.

The Role of the Endodontist

When you visit our office, our primary goal is to ensure your gums and teeth' continued health and do what we can to save any teeth that otherwise might be extracted. Therefore, our advanced training can help you if you wish to prevent infection and stop a problem with severe tooth pain. When dental decay is deep in a tooth, it often causes irreversible pulpitis or inflammation and infection of the pulp of the tooth. Because the pulp, with its connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels, does not serve any real purpose after an adult tooth fully develops, we can remove a tooth's pulp and still restore the tooth so it can continue to function. A root canal surgery enables us to do this.

Root Canals are Not Much Different from Fillings

While some people do not like the idea of getting a root canal, this procedure is not much different from getting a filling. Therefore, there is no reason not to have the procedure done if you have a problem with a badly decayed tooth.

While not all teeth can be saved, many damaged and decayed teeth may be preserved, thanks to endodontic therapy. Give us a call now if you need a root canal or would like to know more about the procedure.
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