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Things To Remember Before Jaw Surgery

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Dallas Oral Surgery Associates
Things To Remember Before Jaw SurgeryJaw surgery is one specific type of surgery that repairs anomalies of the jawbones. Depending on your needs, it can involve your lower jaw, upper jaw, or both of them.

Most of the time, you can qualify as a jaw surgery candidate if you have jaw misalignment or other problems where the only solution is surgery. Even if this procedure is usually safe, there are some crucial things you need to remember before getting it done.

The Preparation Can Be Long

Commonly, one of our professionals will place braces on your teeth. Depending on your case, you may wear the braces for at least one year, but it can go up for several years. Our orthodontists do it to align your teeth the most before the actual jaw surgery. When your teeth align enough for surgery, our orthodontist will tell one of our surgeons to proceed with it.

You Will See One of Our Orthodontists Often

The process does not end with you getting the braces. One of our orthodontists will have to check your progress regularly. They may need to take pictures or X-rays to see the position of the teeth and jaw. However, the consultations can also be to adjust your braces.

Right Before the Surgery, You Will Meet One of Our Surgeons

Our orthodontists are the ones that will be with you most of the process. But, our specialized surgeons are the ones who do the jaw surgery. At this point, they might ask you to do blood tests and exams to assure you are healthy enough for it. They will also ask you about any disease you may have that the surgeon and the health care team need to know before the surgery. You can always contact us for more information on jaw surgery and what you need to remember before it.

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