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You Need to See Us if Your Jaw Hurts In the Days Following a Car Accident

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Dallas Oral Surgery Associates
You Need to See Us if Your Jaw Hurts In the Days Following a Car AccidentJaw pain could be a sign of different oral conditions. Given that it is a very delicate body part, the jaw cannot sustain excessive impact. This is why getting involved in an accident can result in jaw pain. If you notice that your jaw hurts a few days after an accident, it is important to see us. This could be a sign of injury to the jaw that could cause long-term damage if not addressed. Jaw pain days after an accident could be a sign of a dislocated, broken, or fractured jaw.

Dislocated Jaw

When you have a dislocated jaw, there are several signs you will experience. With the pain being almost similar to that of a jaw infection, it can be challenging to identify the cause of jaw pain. This is why you need to have your jaws checked out by our professionals to help identify the problem. One of the common signs of a dislocated jaw is pain.

This pain is usually on the side of the face and worsens when you close or open your mouth. Besides, your teeth might get misaligned and look out of position. You will also have problems fully opening or closing your mouth. This is because the jaw is damaged and cannot stretch fully. A dislocated jaw can cause problems when talking or chewing.

Broken or Fractured Jaw

If you experience jaw pain after getting involved in an accident, it could also be due to a fractured or broken jaw. In most cases, symptoms of a broken jaw don't often show until after a few days. Also, it is important to differentiate the symptoms of TMD and those of a broken jaw; our professionals can help with that. Visit our offices for more information on why the jaw hurts after an accident and treatment.
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