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We Do Not Only Look for Oral Cancer When You Come to Us

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Dallas Oral Surgery Associates
We Do Not Only Look for Oral Cancer When You Come to UsAn oral cancer screening is a precautionary activity that we can do at any dental appointment. Contrary to what some people think, an oral cancer screening is a quick process. In fact, a comprehensive oral cancer screening takes less than two minutes! When you come to us for a screening, we do not only look for oral cancer. Instead, we examine other areas that could have problems. Below are just some of the exams we will undertake when you visit our offices for oral cancer screening.

Visual Exam

If you wear dentures or any other dental appliances that can be removed, you should remove them before the screening starts. This will enable us to examine the entire mouth thoroughly. We will be looking for swellings, asymmetries, bumps, ulcerations, patches of color, or any other sign of abnormalities. Apart from oral cancer, we will also observe your neck, face, jaw, lips, cheeks, oral cavity, and the inside of your nose. All these parts could show signs of oral cancer. To have a clear view of your mouth, we use a light and a mirror. We also use a tongue depressor to hold your tongue down to see the back of your mouth.

Physical Exam

After getting a visual exam, the next one is the physical exam. At this step, our professionals will touch your mouth, face, and neck to feel for any unusual masses or nodules. Touching is very important because it helps identify any cancer-related abnormalities in your mouth. Furthermore, this inspection is an easy way to identify hard lumps of tissue. As much as oral cancer symptoms can be painful, the early stages are usually painless. This underlines the importance of having our professionals examine your mouth. It helps identify such hard-to-tell symptoms that can advance and cause problems. Visit our offices for more information on examining oral cancer and how it is done.
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